Bella Napa Bay Hotel  ***
General Room Info
*Fire & Safety Measures in Units
Smoke Detector: yes
Water Sprinkler: no
Fire Extinguisher: no
Safety Stickers on Balcony Door: yes
Safety Chain: no
Fireplan: yes
Card to activate power in room: no
Type of Door Lock: Key
Room Service:07:00 - 22:00
Cleaning Services: Daily
Turn-down Service: no
Change of Sheets: 2 times a week
Change of Towels: 3 times a week
On Request: no
Free TV Channels: yes
Pay TV Channels Only: no
Premium Channels: no
Local TV: yes
German TV: yes
English TV: yes
French TV: yes
Italian TV: yes
Russian TV: yes
Radio: yes
DVD Player: no
*Safe & Additional Info
Safe: yes
Type of Lock: Key
Safe Charge: yes
Adaptors: no
Ways of calling
Direct Calling: yes
Ironing Room: no
Iron: no
Ironing Board: no
Trouser Press: no
*Cooling & Heating
Cooling: yes
Cooling Charge: no
Heating: yes
Heating Charge: no
*Beds & Materials
Spring Mattress: yes
Mattress Protector: yes
Material of Blankets: Mixed 
Fire Retardant: no
Material of Duvets: Synthetic 
Fire Retardant: no
Filling of Pillows: Synthetic
Fire Retardant: no
Material of Sheets: Mixed
Material of Towels: Cotton
Face Towels: no
Hand Towels: yes
Bath Towels: yes